Having just moved to south Boston with my family and found a villa which had been empty for some time, the VR Cleaning team came in and did the most thorough deep clean I’ve ever seen. We were dreading moving in but when they


Val cleaning my house for 5 years. I love how they leave my home look and smell. I have this wonderful service every week and my mother every other week.

Angela - Acton,

As soon as the VR Cleaning lady came in, I knew everything was alright. No worries about the dishes, dusting, the laundry, ironing, basically every part of the house is taken care of when the cleaning lady from VR cleaning services leaves the house. I would definitely recommend VR cleaning services.

Tom - Acton,

Her deep cleaning are the best. So, I recommend her services for all who needs a good cleaners. Thank you !!

Karls - Marblehead - MA,